Aunt Debbie’s Apartment

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  • Difficulty

  • Intensity

Age Recommendation 7yrs and up

1 Hour to escape

Chapter 2: With Scott on the run because he knows now that we know what he has been up to, he turns to family for some help, but the only person he feels he can trust is Aunt Debbie. Aunt Debbie is the only person that has always looked after Scott and when the times were tough in school, Aunt Debbie really tried to help keep him on the right path. Now at Aunt Debbie's, we heard that our old neighbor Scott has been up to no good. Where is Aunt Debbie? She used to be the chatty lady that use to love to tend to her dolls. What has happened? In an attempt to help Scott out as your old neighbor, you are trying to find out the next piece of the puzzle. Grab your brains and courage as you walk through and try to solve Aunt Debbie's Apartment but don't underestimate the help that her dolls can provide you with.