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The Morgue

After Aunt Debbie's, you walked away with a key. This key had a tag that read "Brookhart City Morgue." This can only lead to bad things. Time to finish the Scott story that you started in The Classroom, and time to find out what is really going on with your neighbor. Can you handle this one? It's a real morgue; so freezers, death, body parts, and smells that might make you cringe. Come to The Morgue to find out what Scott has been up to this whole time. Bring some bravery and maybe even a Bible. Who knows what Death has in store for you and your team.

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The Garage

It's the normal Saugus neighborhood and you have always seemed to like your neighbors. Scott is a single man that owns his own handyman business and is usually always in and out. It’s not unusual to hear him making noise in the garage; drills, hammering, sawing, nothing out of the ordinary. Today is different. The garage isn't shut the whole way and there was a very loud bang coming from inside. As a neighbor for the last 10 years, you feel compelled to make sure that he is okay and that nothing really went bad. Today that might have been the worst decision of your life...

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The Classroom

Lets go back in time...It's Summer School and you need to help your friend Scott get 100% on their Summer School Test to pass the class and make it into the next grade. Your job is to make sure that he makes the grade. Scott needs your help to succeed in school. Making things easier, there was an accident on the road, so some of the teachers are running late, thus buying you some time to solve the test and get out with the answers. Good Luck!

This room has a big twist! Pay Attention! 3 Separate paths for you to choose!

Junior High School - Beginner path = High Success Rate

High School - Intermediate path = Normal 35-40% Success Rate

College - EXPERT path = This is the Black Diamond of Escape room difficulties! Only 2 groups has passed this level!

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Aunt Debbie's Apartment

With Scott on the run because he knows now that we know what he has been up to, he turns to family for some help, but the only person he feels he can trust is Aunt Debbie. Aunt Debbie is the one person that has always looked after Scott and when the times were tough in school, Aunt Debbie really tried to help keep him on the right path. Now at Aunt Debbie's, we heard that our neighbor Scott has been up to no good. Where is Aunt Debbie? She used to garden daily. She used to be the chatty old lady that use to love to tend to her dolls. What has happened? In an attempt to help Scott out as your eighbor, you are trying to find out the next piece of the puzzle.

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