The Classroom

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  • Difficulty

    Depends on you
  • Intensity

Age Recommendation 5 yrs and up

1 Hour to escape

Chapter 1: Lets go back in time...It's Summer School and you need to help your friend Scott get 100% on their Summer School Test to pass the class and make it into the next grade. Your job is to make sure that he makes the grade. Scott needs your help to succeed in school. Making things easier, there was an accident on the road, so some of the teachers are running late, thus buying you some time to solve the test and get out with the answers. Good Luck!

This room has a big twist! Pay Attention! 3 Separate paths for you to choose!

Junior High School - Beginner path = High Success Rate

High School - Intermediate path = Normal 30-40% Success Rate

College - EXPERT path = This is the Black Diamond of Escape room difficulties! Only 2 groups has passed so far!

NOTE: Because it is possible to get mixed groups of people who want different difficulty rooms, by default, the first group that booked has ultimate decision of what level room experience is taken. Again, whoever booked the room first gets to choose between Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. Please call if you have any concerns.