The Trailer

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We can come to you on Sundays.  Disinfected and ready for your family!  Gloves will be provided as a part of the investigation. Don’t want to mess up the evidence.

  • Difficulty

  • Intensity

Age Recommendation 8yrs and up

1 Hour to escape

As a part of the local Sheriff department, you have been investigating kidnappings that have been occurring in the town for the last 2 years. There have been no bodies recovered, but our investigators think otherwise . The Trailer was reported to the local station and you are now on your way to investigate the trailer that was just dumped on your street. Who knows what's inside or if this is just the next step in solving the case. Are you about to find a trailer of corpses or is this just an abandoned trailer that might be a dead end. This Mobile Escape room is set for you and your family. Be prepared solve the mystery in hopes to escape in 60 minutes.

For Sunday Delivery: Extra Fee might be included for delivery outside of the Santa Clarita Area. Please call for details or questions.