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What is an escape room

An escape room is an activity where you are "Locked" in a room and your goal is to escape the room before the time runs out. In order to get out of the room(‘s) you must solve a series of puzzles, clues, and locks. Some rooms are intense and have a scare factor, while others are subtle and friendly. Either way, the experience and atmosphere creates memories that you will be talking about for weeks!


1Is what I wear important?
Please wear clothes that are comfortable to move around in. Remember you might be crawling around on the ground. That Valencia Prom dress probably won't get you closer to escaping. You can rock those heals, but not sure if they are gonna help you run away.
2Can I use my phone?
For before and after the experience yes! In the room, no. You will be provided a locker to put your belongings in and they will be safe and sound during your experience. Take plenty of pictures before and after and please don't forget to tag @alllockedupscv when you post them!
3What if we want to do the room with just my date and I?
Sounds good. All of our rooms are private booked so that you don't have to worry about that. Just know that the cameras are still rolling so keep the room PG or just go crazy!!!!
4Can I have a birthday party there?
Duh! Or a corporate leadership training, or a bachelor party , or a wedding party, or a date night, or a family night, or a ladies night, or a bro night, or a meet your in-laws night, or a make-a-friend night, and we highly recommend bored nights. Any age is the right age for a birthday party. We do have a Birthday Party room for individual rental. Call for more information.
5How many people escape ?
So far nobody! It's getting pretty full in there. Does anyone have any good contacts for waste disposal that can service an escape room near me?
6How old do you have to be?
Each room has a suggested age range. The Garage minimum age recommendation is 10 based on maturity. The Classroom minimum age recommendation is 6 based on motor skills. Aunt Debbie's Apartment age recommendation is 6 based on motor skills The Morgue age recommendation is 10, based on maturity.
7What happens if we are late?
I know driving from Castaic or Newhall can be an issue with the freeway so please contact us ASAP when you know you are going to be late. We want you to have a good experience but once the game starts the door will remain locked . Try to arrive 15 minutes early as the clock is your biggest enemy!
8Do I need to bring my reading glasses?
Well, for the optically challenged, yes you should bring them so you can participate. Might actually help though if we put clues in that required reading, or even clues at all.
9Do you have a conference room that we can rent?
Yes we do!!! 15' professional table with 8 rolling office chairs Can fit up to 15 people comfortably with additional chairs 70" Smart TV with Casting and HDMI connections Drink Refrigerator White boards with markers Corkboard with Push Pins Always happy to help accommodate if you need more. Contact us for more information via email info@alllockedupscv.com